We start this week with a very unusual but fun show. This show was set to take place this Past Sunday, but due to a major tooth ache and Wrestlemania I've had to reschedule it for today. On this show, a very special guest will be joining me. Artist Sam Garcia JR. will be joining me to talk Salmon and art with us. He is going to be covering art, and everything he knows about art. He will also be talking all about salmon. Telling us all he knows about salmon. I will be discussing why Culinary arts and baking is a type of Art. There will be no recipes for this show because I want to fit as much as I can into this show. But it will be a great show. Feel free to call in with your Salmon or Art questions to 646-716-6458. Dial 646-716-6458 to call in at any time on the show. Enjoy the show.
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