Chef Alex Cardinale celebrates Thanksgiving with his best friend Christine Kish!!!! Come join as we celebrate Thanksgiving! Please NOTE: The first 45 MINUTES or so was taped on and the rest of the show will be live!!!! In the first hour of the show Christine and I are going to be telling you what we are thankful for, our Thanksgiving memories, then we have some awesome recipes, and so much more!!! When the taping ends, we will go live. In the 2nd hour of the show, Chef Alex and Christine Kish will be taking callers who have questions on Thanksgiving on foods, or whatever. If you happen to have a last minute Thanksgiving question whether it's on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, dessert, or how to please your family. If you have a Thanksgiving question please call 646-716-6458 dial 1! Chef Alex will also review some Thanksgiving info so you will be prepared! Enjoy the show!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!