It's that time of month agian!!!!!! Recipe Showdown time!!!!! Hosted by Chef Alex Cardinale and Christine Kish, this is going to be our last recipe showdown for 2013!! This is our 2nd recipe recipe show down!!! And it's Chef Alex and Christine's favorite time of the year..... Christmas Holiday season! On this recipe showdown, Chef Alex's and Christine are going to be comparing Christmas Cookie Recipes!!!! Everyone has some awesome Christmas Cookie recipes so it's great to do a Christmas Cookie Showdown!  In the first hour of the show, Chef Alex and Christine will chat about cookies and what they are, then we will give out our cookie recipes, and talk about what cookies we love for the holidays. In the 2nd hour of the show, Chef Alex and Christine are taking callers. Come call in to tell Chef Alex and Christine whose cookie recipes sound better, give us your christmas cookie recipes, ask cookie questions, and more. Just dial 646-716-6458 dial 1. Also in the 2nd hour, Chef Alex will share his cookie tips and Alex and Christine will have a cookie conversation!!!! You will NOT want to miss this awesome Christmas cookie show!!! Alex's recipes will include his delicious gingerbread men, red velvet white chocolate chip cookies, mam cookies, and more!!!!! Enjoy the show! This is going to be our 225th episode and we are going to be celebrating Christmas Cookie baking!