On this special episode, Chef Alex will be telling you how you can Bake with Twix Candy! Twix Candy is a delicous chocolate bar with cookie wafers and caramael dipped in chocolate. Twix is Alex's favorite candy and Alex looks forward to telling you guys how you can bake with Twix. In the first hour of the show, Alex is going to explain what Twix is, the history and origin of Twix, how you can make your own Homemade Twix at home, some things you can make using Twix, and Alex will have some awesome recipes in store. Alex is going to give out a Twix Cheesecake, Twix Ice cream, Twix Cookie, Twix Pie, and Twix Brownie recipes for you. In the second hour of the show, Alex is going the listeners a chance to call in. Alex is going to ask you 3 questions where you can win a prize. You can call in to tell me your favorite twix, ask twix questions, and more. Enjoy the show!