The Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show will go pink for a day. The Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show will pay respect to everyone with Cancer. On this special episode, the show Host Chef Alex Cardinale with do a specal show on Cancer since October is natitonal Cancer Awareness Month! On this show, this is going to be an interactive show where the listerners are encouraged to call in and share their stories.  The one question I will be asking the listeners to call in and answer is '' How has Cancer affected you or your family?'' You can call in to answer that question and also call in to share your cancer stories with me. I am going to talk about some ways to overcome cancer, and tell my cancer story. Call in at 646-716-6458 to answer the question, share your cancer story or what you did to overcome cancer.
Let's Put an end to Cancer! The Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show is proud to go pink and suppor the cause by doing an awesome show!