On this show, we are celebrating our big 150th episode!!!!!! We have did it! We have reached 150 episodes! 150 is a big number!!!!!!! We are going to celebrate 150th episode with this awesome show!!!!! I am going to be joined by some awesome guests who each have some amazing topics. Executive chef George Norrell will be joining me to help me celebrate our 150th episode.  We may also have some  surpise special guests on the show.  I am going to be giving each guest a topic of thier choosing that way the show will be very fun and unique.  .  Chef George Norrell will have an interesting food topic of choice as well.  Chef George Norrell is going to talk salads on this great show. I willl be having some interesting topics as well! I am going to be ranking the top 15 shows so far, the top 5 bad shows that I have done,  ways you the listeners can help the Chef Cardinale's Cooking show, plans for the rest of the year, and I have a food topic in store. I will be talking ratatouille! Your in for an awesome show!!!!!! Feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 with any cooking or baking questions, share your thoughts on the Chef Cardinale's cooking show, your favorite episode I have done so far, and ask our guests any questions. Enjoy this big celebration episode.
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