Week 6 - Sabbath

Lets get a little dark this week. I have compiled an episode devoted to the genius that is Black Sabbath. I am doing this in a 2 part series, there is just way more than can fit in one episode. We made it all the way to the Technical Ecstasy album this week. Next time we do sabbath I will need calls input! Im lost after Live Evil. Enjoy the show this week and email me with your request and comments or instagram @chopnrollpodcast    


Weekly Playlist:

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. Wicked World
  3. Electric Funeral
  4. The Wizard
  5. Orchid
  6. Jack The Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots
  7. Children of the Grave
  8. Into The Void
  9. Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener
  10. Supernaut
  11. Snowblind
  12. St Vitus’ Dance
  13. Under the Sun
  14. A National Acrobat
  15. Sabbra Cadabra
  16. Who Are You?
  17. Hole in the Sky
  18. The Thrill of it All
  19. Am I going Insane
  20. Rock ’n’ Roll Doctor
  21. Dirty Women



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April 14 - Hippy Killer Hoedown - Perris, CA

April 14 - The Congregation Show - Charlotte, NC

June 2 - The Reunion Motorcycle Show-Fountain Square, IN

June 8-10 - The Race of Gentlemen- Wildwood, NJ