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In this broadcast, which we call “Real or Fake,” we explore Mozart’s “Missa Brevis in G Major, K. 140”

Although this mass is accepted as genuine, there is no proof this Mass was composed by Mozart.

Evidence against this being composed by Mozart are:

  1. No signature page exists to show who composed this work

  2. Even though this Mass was composed immediately following the completion of “Lucio Silla”, the composition is far too simplistic for Mozart at this time in his life

  3. Most importantly, the original manuscript, has corrections on it. Although the corrections were written in Mozart’s own hand, the original manuscript is NOT in Mozart’s hand. Either the original manuscript was the work of Mozart and copied by someone other than Leopold Mozart (which alone, is unheard of), or this composition was written by someone else entirely. Also, corrected errors are very unusual as Mozart’s manuscripts never had corrections! Each composition by Wolfgang was completed without any errors, just as described in the movie “Amadeus.”

So, we leave it up to you to decide is this composition a real work by Mozart, or is it fake?

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