What's that smell? That's Ripe Rock! Give it a sniff and inhale another Ep that proves Rock is NOT Dead. Gene Vogel of the Disciples of the Watch Podcast (and previous guest of our Sabbath discography series)joins to spin brand new tunes and go on endless tangents about Ritchie Blackmore's Taint, Renaissance Fairs, UNsupergroups, immediately forgetting peoples nes you meet, #metoo Vikings, Which Wich, ridiculous band names, and more. Horns up!

Loose Cannon's Picks:
Joyous Wolf - Place in Time (intro song)
The Damned Things - Something Good
Amon Amarth - Crack The Sky
Bloody Hammers - Now The Screaming Starts
Beasto Blanco - Let’s Rip
New Roses - Down by the River

Gene's Picks:
Sons Of Apollo - Divine Addiction/Psychotic Symphony
Overkill - Distortion/The Wings of War
Metal Church - Revolution Underway/Damned If You Do
D.D. Verni - Fire Up/Barricade
Green Death - Bullet of Silver/Hallowmass