This week LC and Bakko break down the future of Death Row records now that they are owned by Hasbro Toys, Sebastian Bach enters the Cobra Hall of Fame as he gets banned from Uber, Tommy Lee gets kicked out of Emeril's restaurant, Loose ponders what beer best pairs with a Goat's umbilical cord, Grim Reaper being the opposite of a show you can't miss. Speaking of things you don't to miss, in this ep Bakko is back with another one of his mash-ups for you. And believe it or not... MORE! #YearOfTheCobra
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Airbourne - Boneshaker
Ghost - Kiss the Go Goat
Eclipse - Viva La Victoria
Goodbye June - Universal Mega Love
The Menzingers - America You're Freaking Me Out
Locomotive - Big Wreck
Spoon - Got Nuffin