“I happen to like Rock & Roll and feel sorry for anyone who only listens to one form of music.” Ice-T is a national treasure and has always had a rock n’ rebel attitude, sampling War Pigs on the first track of his debut rap album to forming the hardcore punk/metal band Body Count influenced by Suicidal Tendencies and Black Sabbath.
On this Ep, we give you the full Iceberg, not just the tip. Ice-T started a new genre as the OG of gangsta rap, collaborated with Slayer and Motörhead, on the lineup of the first Lolapalooza (91), starred in the ridiculous Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo and the ambitious New Jack City, and gone from fighting Tipper Gore/PMRC,
and vilified by George Bush with the controversial track “Cop Killer” to as mainstream as being on a Geico commercial and Law & Order SVU for two decades. Love him or hate him, join two middle class Caucasians (LC & Joey Haynie) as we cover a truly unique and fascinating American success story.
Note. This Ep has more references to Journey and Color Me Badd then one would expect.

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