Minneapolis, MN (August 15th, 2017) - In an interview with the music podcast Cobras & Fire, musician Bob Kulick discusses his first ever solo album Skeletons in the closet, how he came to write a song for Sponge Bob Square Pants, trying out for KISS in 1973 and much more.

Skeletons in the Closet is set to be released on September 15th, 2017 on Vaniety Music.

On trying out KISS at the loft in 1973 - "I highly doubt there were even 10 or 12 people who tried out."

On how he stayed in touch with KISS after that - "I became friends with Paul and Gene. Not necessarily immediatley but after a decent amount of time we just started hanging out as friends."

On his memories of Eric Carr. - "He was a fun loving guy who had a great time and fit perfectly in the band. And when my brother finally joined the band he was a huge help getting him acclimated to the band."

On releasing his first solo album in his 50 year career - "After completing 5 new songs I was gonna release an ep. Then we started mentioning these old songs that had never really been released. These are really finely crafted performances."

It's said that the best things always take time. With Skeletons in the Closet BOB KULICK drives that expression home.