Bakko & LC take a break to present an ep from friend of the show Rob Kern's "Loud, Drunk & Angry" weekly rock show on the Uncontrolled Noize network.

We'd hire a psychiatrist to find out just what makes Rob Kern tick but we're pretty sure we couldn't afford the years of therapy needed for a diagnosis. Raised on Creem, Mad Magazine and stacks of KISS albums, followed by years of binge drinking has created the manchild we know and revere.

Rob has been a contributing writer for Classic Rock Magazine, penned the hilarious manifesto, 33 Days In The Hole: The Chicago Experiment and directed music videos for the likes of American Dog and Stacie Collins. Rob hates modern country music and believes Sammy Hagar ruined Van Halen. Loud, Drunk & Angry encourages drinking and hopefully spurs the listening audience to break things, not from anger but from the sheer joy of hearing all things rock and roll.