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In a show first aired on October 8th, 2007, Episode 30 of "Come To The Sunshine" is an extended extravaganza of music Composed, Produced or Performed by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart!

DJ Andrew Sandoval spins rare singles, demos, alternate mixes and MONO album tracks (no CD's here folks) by the following artists:

Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart/The Monkees/Trini Lopez/Billy Budd/School Mates + Jimmy Takeuchi/Gamma Goochie/The Frosted Shake 5/The Goodies/The Astronauts/Tommy Boyce/Keith Allison/The Pineapple Heard/The Regents/The Cherokees/Sounds Unlimited/Linda Ball/Bucky Wilkin/Dino, Desi & Billy/Griffin/Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart

A full playlist is available at