For the first Cooking the Books of 2017, we’re delighted to have Mur Lafferty, author of Six Wakes (Orbit, 2017) and Laura Anne Gilman, author of The Cold Eye (Saga Press, 2017) visit to talk about scarcity, intestinal distress, and things that can go wrong on a journey…

… really, these are good things!

Gilman and Lafferty also talked with Cooking the Books about feeding the creative mind during tumultuous times and chocolate, so this podcast has layers, friends.

Both authors are repeat visitors to Cooking the Books, and you can catch up with previous interviews here and here. Their latest books are gaining acclaim (check out The Cold Eye at Library Journal & Six Wakes at NPR) and these two are absolutely authors to watch going forward, with Gilman just announcing a new deal with Saga, and Lafferty’s first series, The Shambling Guide to New Orleans slated for production with Netflix.

Delicious, no?

This month’s Cooking the Books Podcast, #028: Double Trouble – Cooking the Books with Mur Lafferty and Laura Anne Gilman contains:

  • Food printers

  • Jerky

  • Chocolate

  • Phở

  • Clones

  • A deal with the Devil

  • A live pig, sort of

  • An unexpected journey

  • A nod to The Diamond Age

  • Several moments of hilarity & sidetracking

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Podcast #028: Double Trouble with Mur Lafferty and Laura Anne Gilman