Copperplate Podcast      244                                                                                                    presented by Alan O'Leary                         February 2020   1. Paddy Glackin: Top It Off.    Glackin 2. London Lasses: Humours of Castlefin/Eileen O’Brien’s/The Enchanted Lady. Enchanted Lady                                                                               3. Christy O’Leary & Bert Deivert:   Green Fields of Gweedore.   Song’s Sweet Caress 4. Aillie Robertson:   The Exploding Bow.                       First Things First 5. Kevin Burke: The Gallowglass/the Coach Road to Sligo. Sligo Made 6. Urnua: Myles the Man/Greg the Great/The Corrib Suite Crew. Urnua 7. Rita Gallagher:   The Wounded Hussar.                   The May Morning Dew 8. Seamus Connolly: Remembering Curly/The Twins/Mordaunt’s Fancy.  The Boston Edge 9. Paddy Keenan: Colonel Fraser/My Love is in America. Paddy Keenan 10. Patsy Moloney: Humours of Carrigaholt/Donal O’Phumpa.                   The Temple in the Glen 11. Jerry Lynch: The Dimming of the Day.                       The Dimming of the Day 12. Seamus Quinn & Gary Hastings: Na Ceannabhain Bhana/Dever the Dancer.                  Slan le Lough Eirne 13. Damien O’Brien & Oliver Loughlin: Maid in the Cherry Tree/The Scolding Wife.                      The Factory Turn 14. Lorcan MacMathuna:   Rogaire Dubh.   Rogaire Dubh 15. Noel Hill: Dr Gilbert/Road to Garrison.                   Live in New York 16. Connolly, Derrane & McGann: The Dash to Portobello/McFarley’s Reel/Geegan’s Reel.                   The Boston Edge