On this week’s Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby and Sophie Slesinger are traveling via the airwaves to Oregon! That’s right, this week’s episode is all about the state of cheese in Oregon. The Oregonian that Anne and Sophie are talking to is Sasha Davies, cheesemonger and author of The Guide to West Coast Cheese and The Cheesemaker’s apprentice. Anne, Sophie, and Sasha talk about how Portland is similar to Brooklyn in terms of artisanal food production; Portland’s got a huge population of homebrewers, picklers, and homemade cheesemakers! Sasha is also the creator of the website CheeseByHand.com, an enormous resource for cheeseheads all over the country! Also, Sasha recommends some of the best places to buy quality cheese in Portland. Later, Anne and Sophie call up Carine Goldin, an Oregon goat cheese producer. Hear why Carine’s space in Oregon is wonderful climate for raising goats and making cheese, and some of the gatherings for cheesemakers in the area. This episode has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

“It’s a milder climate; it’s not so extreme. I really think that the terroir of the area is just ideal for producing really nice, quality cheese.” — Carine Goldin on Cutting the Curd