On Cutting the Curd we have talked about the intersections between cheese and art on previous shows, but this week host Diane Stemple highlights three personal journeys with guests Aaron Kirtz of Forever Cheese, Beth Griffenhagen of Murray’s Cheese and Adam Moskowitz of Larkin Cold Storage. Find out how each guest found cheese and ended up transitioning artistic energy into their respective cheese careers and how the two worlds are not so dissimilar. Whether you’re a food professional with a creative passion or an artist with a love for food, this episode provides great insight into the fusion of expression, art and gastronomy. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.

“The overarching thing for me is always being able to take risks – so i jumped into a field that i really didn’t know much about but wasn’t afraid of.” [03:15]

-Aaron Kirtz of Forever Cheese on Cutting the Curd

“I love taking a big idea and making it small – it’s my favorite way to create things and look at the world.” [07:35]

–Beth Giffenhagen of Murray’s Cheese on Cutting the Curd

“Once you become an artist, you’re an artist. Once you understand what it means to be an artist you just are.” [09:37]

“When you taste cheese it proves god is an artist because the whole flavor profile of cheese comes from biochemistry!” [26:30]

–Adam Moskowitz of Larkin Cold Storage on Cutting the Curd