This week on Cutting the Curd, Diane Stemple is joined by three owners of start-up cheese shops. Beth Lewand is in the studio talking about the real esate challenges she faced when opening up her Greenpoint, Brooklyn establishment, Eastern District. Rachel Klebaur calls in from North Carolina to talk about the process of obtaining building permits for Orrman’s Cheese Shop, and how her store has been received as a transplant to Charlotte. Kristin Sande joins via the phone from Las Vegas to talk about the work involved with running a store, and why a passion for business is essential – not just a love for cheese. If you’re thinking about starting your own cheese shop, tune into this episode of Cutting the Curd! This episode has been brought to you by The Heritage Meat Shop.

“I was not prepared for the stamina that running a cheese shop takes- and I’m a strong, good worker!” [21:00] — Kristin Sande on Cutting the Curd

“You have to always be looking to improve what you do. You cannot be complacent with any aspect of the business.” [27:10] — Beth Lewand on Cutting the Curd