Poul Price and Everett Presley didn’t find cheese; cheese found them! This week on Cutting the Curd, Diane Stemple asks Everett and Poul about their storied histories in the cheese world. What fostered Everett and Poul’s initial food interest? Listen in to hear about formal cheese training, and what made Everett and Poul fall in love with cheese. How have recent food trends affected the cheese-buying consumer? Tune in to hear Everett and Poul talk about embarrassing cheese questions, and what cheeses are the easiest cheese to sell? This program has been sponsored by Consider Bardwell.

“By default, the number of local cheeses have increased because they’re just getting better.” [21:30]

“The easiest cheese to sell is the one that’s tasting the best.” [26:30]

Poul Price on Cutting the Curd

“You can tell people where the cheese comes from, or they can just taste it…” [28:00]

Everett Presley on Cutting the Curd