Hannah Howard has been working in cheese in New York City since the age of seventeen. On this week’s episode of Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby sits down with Hannah to talk about her lifelong love of food, and how she became the Copywriting Director at Fairway Market. Hannah has worked with a wealth of cheese luminaries in New York City including Steve Jenkins, Brian Keyser, and max McCalman; what lessons has Hannah learned from this roster of cheese professionals? Hear how Hannah got involved with food writing, and how she practices her skills through sign-making at Fairway!

“I always loved food, eating, and experimenting… I always had funky food in my life, even when my friends did not.” [6:45]

“When I came to New York and found this community of people who were all about food, it felt so nice to be a part of that!” [8:30]

Hannah Howard on Cutting the Curd