Welcome to another episode of the best cheese radio show in the world, Cutting the Curd. This week – host Greg Blais is chatting with two movers and shakers in the world of cheese – Elena Santogade of Arethusa Farm & Dairy, and Lisa Hall of Saxon Creamery. Tune in and hear from both guests as they share their cheese stories. Elena explains what it’s like working with the award winning cows at Arethusa Farm & Dairy and why nothing can beat incredible milk. Later in the show, Lisa shares the Saxon Creamery story and what it’s like operating a 5th generation Wisconsin family farm. This program was sponsored by Of a Kind.

“Between the weather [in winter], the climate and type of cow it really increase the butter fat and proteins in the milk so we’re able to make a very special cheese [Snow Fields] for a very limited time.” [18:00]

–Lisa Hall on Cutting the Curd