Re-live the 2014 American Cheese Society Conference, held this year in Sacramento, California, on a brand new episode of Cutting the Curd! Hosts Greg Blais and Diane Stemple are joined by Debra Dickerson, co-chair of The Festival of Cheese at the ACS, and Jeremy Stephenson, a cheesemaker who’s Tarentaise Reserve took home best in show at the ACS. Find out what makes the cheese world such a vibrant community and hear some great stories from the big event! This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

“We wanted only cheese that could be recycled by going to pig farmers. All cheese must be put to good use.” [09:00]

“It’s so amazing – every year the cheeses [at ACS] get better and better!” [31:00]

–Debra Dickerson on Cutting the Curd