Continuing the discussion from last week about developing new cheeses, this week on Cutting the Curd host Greg Blais chats with Matthew and Maize of Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese. J&B currently produces three outstanding cheeses that have become standards at counters across the country – Ameribella, Everton and Briana. The R&D process continues, as they are developing a new cheese to round out their selection. Tune in to hear about what it takes to make and market new cheeses, and how the cheese community supports the research and development process. This program was brought to you by The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

“There really is a holistic approach to the way we make cheese.” [13:10]

Maize Jacobs-Brichford on Cutting the Curd

“Knowing where your food comes from is so important and it’s the only way to trust what you’re getting is to do your homework and know who’s producing it and where it comes from.” [14:50]

Matthew Brichford on Cutting the Curd