Action Comics #1000 is out to celebrate 80 years of Superman in comic books. On today's podcast, we break it all down and give our review of the issue.

Covers from each decade (main/90s)

Overall thoughts


Story 1 - From the City that Has Everything (Dan Jurgens story/art)

Superman day, all the DC characters
Nice wrap-up of Jurgens’ Action Comics run

Story 2 - Never-Ending Battle (Peter J. Tomasi - story/Patrick Gleason - art)

Vandal Savage montage through the past, Krypto
30s, Kingdom Come Superman, Birthday cake

Story 3 - An Enemy Within (Marv Wolfman - story/previously unpublished Curt Swan - art)

Brainiac tries mind control, Superman talks about how great people are.

Story 4 - The Game (Paul Levitz/Neal Adams)

Chess with Lex Luthor, Scott Free motherbox
Superman #233 “Kryptonite Nevermore” cover homage

Story 5 - The Car (Geoff Johns/Richard Donner - story/Olivier Coipel - art)

It’s the car you’re thinking of, from Action Comics #1
Superman catches up with Butch (the guy who tried to cut in on Lois and kidnapped her)
Find out Butch had a really hard life.
Superman tells him to make the decision to do good, “Be that person who wasn’t there for you for someone else”
Really sums up what makes Superman Superman, the best of humanity.

Story 6 - The Fifth Season (Scott Snyder - story/Rafael Albuquerque - art)

Lex and Superman
Lex has Eye of Xotar and Chronos’ Time Scissors
They go to planetarium and have flashback
We see that young clark saved young Lex’s life without him knowing it
Lex doesn’t kill Superman

Story 7 - Of Tomorrow (Tom King - story/Clay Mann - art)

5 billion years in the future, Earth being eaten by the sun. Lois, Jon, Superman all still alive.
Says goodbye to Ma and Pa Kent

Story 8 - Five Minutes (Louise Simonson - story/Jerry Ordway - Art)

Clark has 5 minutes to finish story, has to go save a bunch of people as Superman, makes more news.

Story 9 - Actionland! (Paul Dini - story/Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - art)

Mr. Mxyzptlk and Gspie imagining a Superman theme park where Mxyzptlk is the greatest villain who took down Superman.

Story 10 - Faster Than A Speeding Bullet (Brad Meltzer - story/John Cassaday - art)

Literally the title. “I just did what Batman would do.”

Story 11 - The Truth (Brian Michael Bendis - story/Jim Lee - art)

He’s wearing the red shorts again (“He doesn’t look like Superman without the shorts”)
“It’s - It’s just not him”
Rogol Zaar is fighting Superman
Supergirl shows up to fight
Rogol Zaar destroyed Krypton and killed all the other Kryptonians?
He stabs Superman.

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