Today's podcast covers quick news from Adam Strange on Krypton, plus we discuss a hypothetical Superman Lives animated film.

Shaun Sipos talks about what his Adam Strange will be like on Krypton -

"The way that I kind of approach this is, the world of Krypton is very militaristic, it's dystopian, but for Adam...I mean the very nature of Adam Strange is that he is different. He's strange. And when, in the comics, he goes to Rann, everyone talks about how much life he has in him and that he does things that are different and he's kind of funny and sort of has a levity to him, that's fascinating to them."

Twitter question from @condor_zelander - “With Nicholas Cage finally voicing Superman is there a chance WB studio can do a animation adaption of Tim Burton Superman Lives script by Kevin Smith starring Nicholas Cage Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor Christopher Walken as Brainiac and Sandra Bullock as Lois?”

Kevin Smith vs. Tim Burton

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