Today's podcast covers news on James Wan's Aquaman, Damon Lindelof's adaptation of Watchmen, and 

Director James Wan talks Aquaman story with Entertainment Weekly

“The main antagonist in this movie is Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. And Black Manta, played by Yahya [Abdul-Mateen], is caught up in that world with them as well. But the main drive really is, it’s almost a very classic Shakespearean story about brother from another world vs. brother from another world. And it really is a classic story of sibling rivalry.”
Also mentions how it can be “scary and exciting” to having an entire civilization under the water when we are used to alien invasions
Sounds like New 52 including Throne of Atlantis
On Jason Momoa - “One of the things people will be surprised by is seeing that Jason Momoa is not just a tough guy, but that the guy is actually very charismatic, funny, goofy, and is a potential romantic lead.”

Damon Lindelof talks Watchmen HBO adaptation on Bookish with Sonya Walger (starts ~31 minutes)

Read Watchmen in single issues when he was 12; talks about the buzz and delays of the book
“I think it's widely known that Alan Moore does not want Watchmen to be adapted, so I'm playing a bit of a game of semantics here in saying, 'I'm not adapting Watchmen!”
On adapting - mentions how Watchmen takes from Charlton Comics characters
“But all of his other work that I love, whether it be Swamp Thing or an amazing Superman story called 'Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?,' and a great Batman story. It's sort of like, the idea that he came in and told iconic stories with characters that he didn't create, and has now turned around and said, 'You're not allowed to do that with the characters that I created.' So I feel like his own hypocrisy enables me to defy all his.“
Mentions how Fargo tv series takes from movie, but doesn’t necessarily adapt it

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