On today's podcast, we talk Aquaman, the Justice League movie score, the Time Warner/AT&T merger, and a question about Wonder Woman's score.

Aquaman movie press release and official logo put out by Warner Bros.

Stating principal photography has started; confirms cast and crew
New logo

Junkie Xl (Tom Holkenborg) talks Justice League score  - Collider

Taking over fully for Hans Zimmer (whom he worked with on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
Wants to respect the legacy of the characters without just quoting Zimmer and John Williams’ stuff
Can’t even technically say if he’s started work on Justice League score

Time Warner earnings still strong- The Hollywood Reporter

Merger with AT&T is expected to be finalized this year

Twitter question from @Salvatore_Chief  - “If WW's sword "god killer?" Could cut off Doomsday's hand could this blade harm Superman? Plus such a cool sword!!!”

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