Today's podcast covers news on Aquaman, Shazam!, and Krypton.

Jason Momoa “almost done” with Aquaman “pick up shots” - Instagram

(pick-ups are small parts of scene/dialogue, reshoots are redone scenes)
Twitter question from jessie jess @JessieW72838902 - “Will we see a Black Manta vs Ocean Master fight in Aquaman?”

David F. Sandberg talks busy Shazam! Filming schedule on Twitter

“Shooting main unit during the day and checking in on second unit during nights. The hours that I’m not on set I spend sleeping. But we’re getting some pretty awesome stuff ⚡💥”
Adds he may need to do a small horror film next

Krypton EP Cameron Welsh interview with DC Comics

Went with Adam Strange instead of someone like Booster Gold because of cosmic connections; also reverse Superman story
More about Adam Strange will be revealed and he will be in costume at some point
Some form of Doomsday will appear this season

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