The Batman: Gotham by Gaslight animated film has been released by Warner Bros. and we are here to break it down. As per usual, we start with our non-spoiler thoughts before getting into our spoiler-filled review.

Non-spoiler overall thoughts
Z - Very serious, the same Bruce Wayne you know and love
T - Dark, moody atmosphere from the start
Faithful to comic? By Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola

Spoiler thoughts

The Setting (World’s Fair like Devil in the White City)
R-rating - “Ivy the Plant Lady”
Comic comparison - Uncle Jacob, narration
Who is Jack the Ripper?
15 mph, can the human body even withstand that?
Selina Kyle
Another song
Other “reimagined” characters - Ivy, Dick, Jason, Tim, Harvey Dent, Sister Leslie Thompkins, Alfred, Jim Gordon, Hugo Strange, Bullock, Cyrus Gold, The Batsignal
Time period humor - Batsuit in the compartment of the carriage
Brutal final fight

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