Today's show covers some news on Gotham by Gaslight and Black Lightning. We also answer some questions on Zack Snyder's future and Aquaman.

The Batman: Gotham by Gaslight animated movie will be “Rated R for some violence” - MPAA

(CBR) Bruce Timm said at NYCC that it would be as dark as it needs to be for a Jack The Ripper story, including a couple moments that might make you squirm

Black Lightning casts Chantal Thuy in a recurring role - Variety

Will play Grace Choi, “a bartender who becomes the love interest of Anissa Pierce”

Website question from Adam Stabelli - “Do you think Justice League will be the final DCEU film that Zack Snyder will direct, or do you think he will return to do Justice League 2?”

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Twitter question from @Travis_156 - “What are your thoughts about orm using the fact that aquaman worked with the JL against him in The aquaman movie! Orm could use it to turn the people of Atlantis against him, “your king would rather fight with surface dwellers rather Than fight with the people of Atlantis” just a thought ”

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