The much-anticipated Batman Ninja has finally been released. On today's show, we give our review of the epic animated film.


Out now digitally, May 8th on Blu-ray/DVD; Supposed to release in 4k UHD (digital only/no disc) later this summer
Japanese theatrical release June 15
Japanese version with subtitles or English dubbed version

Non-spoiler thoughts

So many characters

spoiler Review

Selena has been in Japan for 2 years
Exposition/setup (cool art)
Batman’s bat shaped hair
Alfred is wearing the same clothes
Joker’s castle
Bat clan
Batman and Grodd need to work together to get home
Joker’s boat
Grodd betrays them
Joker blows himself up (shot of Batman’s mask disintegrating)
Batman gets new mask
Montage of Batman deciding to take up the way of the Ninja (not use modern tools)
Different animation style
Red hood’s mask
Red hood finds Joker and Harley (they are peaceful farmers now - supposedly)
The different warlords make their castles come to life to have a big battle
Grodd mind controls all the villains, puts their robot castles together
But Joker and Harley show up to fight Grodd
Joker takes over and puts all the robots together
Monkey army
Then a bunch of bats show up and make a “Bat man”
The flowers that Joker grew were what made him crazy again
Final battle between all the characters
Batman and Joker have a samurai sword fight

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