The first trailer for Batman vs. Two-Face has been released. We discuss this plus a clip from Batman and Harley Quinn, DC TV popularity, plus The Flash.

Batman vs. Two-Face trailer debut - IGN on YouTube

Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, and William Shatner as Harvey Dent/Two-Face
First look at Harvey Dent, Dr. Hugo Strange, and Dr. Harleen Quinzel in this continuity (not counting comics)
Release date not announced yet (listed as October from some retailers)

Batman and Harley Quinn new exclusive clip - YouTube

Short clip; is Harley working at Planet Krypton?
Theaters only monday 8/14; releases digitally 8/15 and physically 8/29

Several DC TV shows rank among the most popular for 2017 so far - Business Insider and Parrot Analytics

The study - “analyzes ratings data (where available), social media chatter, blogging, and illegal pirating, among other factors, to figure out the viewer demand for shows.”
#18 - Lucifer
#17 - Gotham
#14 - Arrow
#7 - The Flash
Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are top 2

Hazard will appear in The Flash Season 4 - Variety

Will be played by Sugar Lyn Beard (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates)
In comics (per Wikipedia) - Hazard has psionic powers; she uses dice to influence luck

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