We give our thoughts on the first 2 episodes of the Crisis on Earth-X DC TV Crossover!

The Flash Season 4, Episode 8

Lots of time on Earth-X
Quentin Lance is a high up Nazi officer
We get to meet The Ray, he’s with Snart (Leo). The Ray is from Earth-1?
General Schott!
Earth-1: Cisco and co trapped, Iris and Felicity try to rescue them and Supergirl
Back on Earth-X they send the Waverider through the portal because Oliver impersonates the Führer, Quentin tests him, fight breaks out
Flash, Ray take on Red Tornado
Ends with Stein being shot

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 8

The Atom and rest of the Legends show up just in time to save Kara
Nazis are all over Central City
Stein dies
Big fight
Barry lets Eobard go, Eobard promises to be back “wearing a new face”
Oliver kills evil Arrow
Diggle marries Barry and Iris and Oliver and Felicity

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