Cyborg has become one of the most important characters in DC Comics in recent years. With the New 52, he become a founding member of the Justice League. The same will happen in the upcoming Justice League film. Today, we talk about Cyborg's history, powers, and important storylines.


Created by Marv Wolfman (writer) / George Pérez (artist) [They also created Raven and Starfire]
First appearance:  DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980)
Best known as a member of the Teen Titans, New 52 placed him as a founder of the Justice League

Who is Cyborg?

Real name: Victor Stone
Half man, half machine. Most of his body is replaced by cybernetics that make him strong and give him lots of other powers/abilities.
New 52 origin: High school football star, son of scientist Silas. The motherbox Silas was working on explodes, destroys most of Victor’s body. Silas saves Victor by turning him into Cyborg. (merges with MotherBox)
Geoff Johns on Cyborg: “He represents all of us in a lot of ways. If we have a cellphone and we're texting on it, we are a cyborg—that's what a cyborg is, using technology as an extension of ourselves.”


Superhuman strength
Can interface with and control technology
Genius level IQ
Sensors (IR eye, tracking, etc.)
Boom Tube/teleport?

Important Storylines

He has absorbed energy from the motherbox and it gives him the ability to know about Darkseid’s invasion plans
Helps found the Justice League
Questions/struggles with his humanity
Other media - TV on Teen Titans, and Teen Titans Go!, Smallville by the late Lee Thompson Young, big role in New 52 animated universe; origin in Justice League War

Coming Up

Will be played by Ray Fisher in Justice League
Solo Movie in 2020
Teen Titans?
What do we want to see from him?

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