On today's podcast, we discuss the potential episode counts for the Arrowverse next year plus a new look at DC Super Hero Girls.

Potential episode counts for next season’s CW shows - Spoiler TV

“Note: Obviously these are not FIXED in stone, and some appear to be wrong or confusing but these are the dates that WB currently have.”
Gotham - 10 episodes
Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl - 22 episodes
Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow - 16 episodes

First look at new design for Cartoon Network’s DC Super Hero Girls - (Newsarama)

Lauren Faust (My Little Pony, The Powerpuff Girls)
Announced in May of 2017 that Cartoon Network was developing the series to build on ”direct-to-video movies (3 regular, 2 Lego), as well as digital webisodes launched in 2015 on YouTube.”

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