On today's show, Travis Hynes (@travis_156 on Twitter) returns to discuss all of the happenings from this week in DC TV.

Supergirl - “Fort Rozz”

Girls night out
Reign says the human in her is stronger than she thought
Ruby and Alex
Wynn and Brainiac
Reign has powers even without Yellow Sun

The Flash - “The Elongated Knight Rises”

“So was Barry” And he doesn’t know how to count with lines
Trickster and Prank (Corinne Bohrer)
Elongated Man and New Suit

Black Lightning “Lawanda: The Book of Hope”

“Why did Black Lightning only save your girls?” Hmmm I wonder
Lala is straight up cold
“This is the addiction talking” (Addicted to his powers?)
Tobias can just kill people with one hand

Arrow -  “We Fall”

Secrets and lies
Electronic attack
William is all aboard

Lucifer - “All About Her”

More Tom Welling

Legends of Tomorrow - off

Gotham - returns March 1st

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