Casting for the Doom Patrol in Titans is beginning, as the Chief has joined in a recurring role. We discuss this plus Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, Krypton, and Warner Bros. World.

Bruno Bichir joins Titans in a recurring role as The Chief - Deadline

Known for Absentia TV series and tons of Mexican films
“Bichir will play Dr. Niles (The Chief) Caulder, a pioneer in medical science, searching the world over for those on the edge of death in need of a miracle. Brilliant, but controversial, Dr. Caulder will stop at nothing to help those he believes are in need, including his collection of strange heroes known as The Doom Patrol.”

New posters

(Fandango on Twitter) - Teen Titans Go! To the Movies parody of Justice League poster
Syfy - Krypton House posters

Concept art for Warner Bros. World indoor park in Abu Dhabi released - Entertainment Weekly

Opens later this year
Green Lantern: Galactic Odyssey - 4-D journey with Hal Jordan and other Lanterns
Justice League: Warworld Attacks - 5-D journey with JL and many villains
Superman and Teen Titans experiences also planned

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