Will the Flash solo film be adapting Flashpoint? We discuss this plus Joaquin Phoenix's potential Joker role and Legends of Tomorrow news on today's show.

Writer Dan Mazeau worked on the Flash script “when it was titled Flashpoint” - The Hollywood Reporter

Mazeau worked on Wrath of the Titans and a (currently) unproduced Johnny Quest screenplay; unclear if he is involved with current script
Borys Kit on Twitter - “I didn't say they weren't adapting Flashpoint. All I said was that it wouldn't be titled Flashpoint. But maybe I've said too much. 😜”

Joaquin Phoenix asked about possibility of playing Joker by Fandango

“I don’t know… it could be an interesting character, I don’t know.” (with “a grin”)
Goes on to say he chooses roles based solely on the character he’d play and the filmmaker who is making it

Jes Macallan (Agent Ava Sharpe) promoted to series regular for Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow - Entertainment Weekly

Same as Matt Ryan’s John Constantine

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