Big news for DC Entertainment in all forms of media, as Geoff Johns has stepped down as Chief Creative Officer and President. He will instead sign an exclusive writing/producing deal to make DC movies, TV, and comics.

Geoff Johns stepping down as Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, signs exclusive writing/producing deal with Warner Bros. and DC - The Hollywood Reporter

Jim Lee (co-publisher) will add role of Chief Creative Officer
Started writing for DC Comics in 1999 (JSA, Green Lantern, Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Justice League, Teen Titans, Flashpoint, Infinite Crisis, Doomsday Clock)
TV work - Justice League Unlimited, Smallville, Arrow, The Flash
Named Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment in 2010, also named president in 2016 (with Diane Nelson) - worked with films, TV, comics, animated movies, web series, and video games
Has formed Mad Ghost Productions to write/produce for DC and WB -


Co-writing/executive producing Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2
Writing and producing Green Lantern Corps, which “will feature Hal Jordan and John Stewart”


Producing Titans, Doom Patrol, The Flash


“Johns will write and curate a DC pop-up label under the moniker The Killing Zone, focusing on new and lesser known or dormant DC characters and titles”
New Shazam! comic to debut this fall
Three Jokers to be drawn by Jason Fabok
Doomsday Clock, Batman: Earth One

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