With War for the Planet of the Apes now in theaters, we thought we'd discuss the recent DC Comics crossover with Apes. Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern is a 6 issue crossover between the 2 franchises.

Seems to take place after original 1968 Planet of the Apes film
From DC perspective - A timeline where superheroes never existed, Planet of the Apes happened
Main characters - Cornelius, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Dr. Zaius, Gorilla Grodd
*Spoilers for Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern issues #1-6 below

1st issue

Cornelius finds a ring
Hal Jordan and Corp fighting Red lanterns
Sinestro is looking for the universal ring
Cornelius puts the ring on, it alerts Hal of a “Crosschronal Disruption” on Earth
Sinestro shows up, fights Hal, his ring stops working
He lands on earth, sees the Statue of Liberty and says famous line
Cornelius has a suit now, blasts one of the “Sons and Daughters of The Great Power” (Divine Bomb)

2nd issue

Cornelius’ suit keeps changing colors (he has the universal ring)
He finds that they killed Taylor
Cornelius tears apart the Alpha-Omega Bomb and makes a bunch of rings out of it.
The Corps go see the Guardians, they explain how some of them created the Universal Ring, that is “Driven to create more of itself”
The sent the ring to a version of Earth “locked in a Time Loop”
General Ursus and Co. interrogate Hal
Zira helps Hal escape
Sinestro shows up to Dr. Zaius
Guy Gardner/Corps go to Belle Reve and pick up Gorilla Grodd to help them

3rd issue


Cornelius and his lanterns fight with General Ursus and army


Corps and Grodd show up in the middle of the battle
Red Lanterns show up
Dr Zaius shows Sinestro the bones of someone with a ring

4th issue

The bones were of the lantern sent to this earth to hide the Universal Ring
She died trying to keep them from blowing themselves up
Sinestro puts on her green ring, becomes a Green Lantern again. Also has bracelet that blocks the Universal Ring’s power stealing ability
Hal find the Corps, gets his power back
Zira finds Cornelius, he gives her a ring
Forces Lucius and Nova to get rings too
Grodd shows up, he has the Red Lanterns with him and General Ursus’ army

5th Issue

Grodd makes General Ursus kill Maximus
Grodd starts fighting Cornelius
Corps show up to fight
Hal almost talks Cornelius into taking his ring off
Cornelius kills Grodd, but also Zira in the process
Sinestro shows up

6th Issue


Cornelius taps into the full power of the Universal Ring kills Atrocitus


Cornelius wants to destroy this world forever
Sinestro is helping the Green Lanterns contain him, because Cornelius could make it to their universe
Dr. Zaius tells Hal to put his device on Cornelius to block his powers
They all put their devices on Cornelius
It works
Cornelius destroys the Universal Ring by sacrificing himself
Grodd is still alive
Cornelius is still alive, in the past New York

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