Today's show covers some quick news nuggets on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, Bill Goldberg appearing on The Flash this season, and a look at Aquaman concept art.

Margot Robbie talks with Collider

On playing Harley Quinn: “I didn’t get enough of her! I was like, “I need to keep playing her!” I love her so much.”
When will we see her again: “I think we’re very close, actually. Everyone has been working really hard, myself included, to get Harley back on screen. I think it will be quite soon. There’s so much more to explore with her. I can’t wait! I hope next year, but with bigger films, it takes a lot longer to get it all up and running.”
Says she hasn’t met with Gavin O’Connor yet, but she “should”

Wrestler Bill Goldberg to guest star on 2 episodes of The Flash Season 4, he confirmed on Twitter

Unknown who he will play or when he will appear

Twitter question from @condor_zelander - “Thoughts on the Aquaman promo art?”

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