On today's podcast, we cover news on Justice League's home media sales plus talk the Aquaman movie.

Justice League opening week home media (blu-ray plus DVD) sales - the-numbers.com

Man of Steel – $39 million (1.97 million units)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – $35.8 million (1.5 million units)
Suicide Squad – $41.5 million (1.6 million units)
Wonder Woman - $42.1 million (1.5 million units)
Justice League - $30 million (1.3 million units)
Overall sales - Man of Steel ($111 million), Wonder Woman ($99 million), Suicide Squad ($94 million), Batman v Superman ($77 million)

Twitter question from @BatmanJurassic - “Will Ocean Master Be the one responsible for Queen Atlanna’s death like in the New 52 comics in the Aquaman movie?”

Could set up Throne of Atlantis?

Twitter question from @condor_zelander - “Will Black Manta and Ocean Master form an ally in the Aquaman movie?”

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