The Justice League Dark/Dark Universe film is looking for a new director, as Doug Liman has left the project. We discuss this, plus tons of Wonder Woman news, a Batman and Harley Quinn trailer, and a DC Super Hero Girls cartoon.

Doug Liman leaves Justice League Dark/Dark Universe; WB is already looking at replacements - Variety

IT director Andy Muschietti is one name on the list- Borys Kit on Twitter
Speculation that it is because of scheduling, Liman’s Chaos Walking was recently greenlit for summer filming

Wonder Woman news

Most anticipated summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) movie according to Fandango survey of more than 10,000 people
Supergirl promo for Wonder Woman - Twitter
Review embargo moved to Monday at 9 p.m. PST
Imax exclusive posters for Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope
UK premiere cancelled out of respect for Manchester attacks
Patty Jenkins on potential sequel with Fandango -
Would she like to do more? - "It's definitely something I'm very, very, very interested. I love what we've created and I love the team that I worked with doing it and these actors so much that, yeah, we're all very excited to talk about continuing forward together."
"I think it's very important that she goes on to be a very international superhero. I can't wait to bring her to America as well."
May have to do with the years between WWI and current day -"It's something that one will know soon. Like, what she has been doing all of these years, but it's definitely something I have thought a lot about."
“To Be Human” by Sia from Soundtrack released on YouTube

Batman and Harley Quinn trailer released - Entertainment Weekly

Will release this summer
Harley, Star Labs, Poison Ivy, Plant Master

DC Super Hero Girls coming to Cartoon Network in 2018 - Deadline

Production has started by Warner Bros. Animation
“The new series builds on the  direct-to-video movies as well as digital webisodes launched in 2015 on YouTube.”

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