With the home release of Justice League, we have 2 deleted scenes to discuss. We also talk about what other deleted scenes we would like to see and whether we will see an extended or director's cut of the film.

Officially released on Blu-ray/DVD

Scene 1 - Looking at suits
Scene 2 - Talking to Alfred

From trailers/reports

Connections to Knightmare scene
More Lex/Deathstroke
Time limit

Will we ever see a Snyder cut?

WB meddling
Continuity/character changes
Josh Dickey (Formerly Mashable) on Twitter - “Since I'm shifting into DGAF mode, here's a hot one for ya: Zack Snyder was fired from the DCEU just over 1 year ago. Couldn't write it ~quite~ that way at the time, but was able to tapdance around it”

Extended Cut?

Zack Snyder cut vs. Original 2 film Justice League outline
Extra scenes of Snyder and Whedon?

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