Justice League news is continue to trickle out as marketing begins to ramp up. We discuss this plus news on The Flash series and answer questions on Justice League and Flashpoint.

Justice League news

Justice League on cover of Ciak magazine (here)
Justice League on Twitter - Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller discuss who is the leader of the team; from Comic-Con - discuss how their characters bond partly because they got their powers from an accident
DC Comics announces Justice League movie-themed variant covers to be released in November (Action Comics and Aquaman)
Here - Trinity, Detective Comics, and Justice League
THR - The Flash and Wonder Woman

The Flash interview with EP Andrew Kreisberg- TV Insider

Caitlin/Killer Frost: “she will definitely come back into the fold in the premiere episode”
Elongated Man: “He’s also hiding something about how he acquired his powers of malleability: That’s one of the big mysteries of the season.”
The Thinker: “Actually isn’t out to foil the Flash. “He has a need for him, I would say is more accurate.”

Twitter question from @BobbyClaus1 - (Paraphrased) Could certain side characters be cut from Justice League because of changes in solo films?

In reference to reports of characters being cut from test screenings

Website question from Jonathan Helvering - “what should Dc do with flashpoint, should they stick to the source material and make diana and arthur the villians?”

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