On today's podcast, we discuss a little bit of Justice League and The Flash movies, plus Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow.

New Justice League promo released by Warner Bros. Japan on YouTube

No new information, except Jason Momoa comments
Aquaman is the heir to the throne of Atlantis, but resists that title

The Flash movie update - Variety’s Justin Kroll on Twitter

Phil Lord and Chris Miller signed on to direct Artemis for Fox
“For those wondering this ARTEMIS news pretty much take L&M out of running for FLASH. That script (The Flash by Joby Harold) was turned in yesterday to studio...Bob z(emeckis) still being considered but studio will take meetings with other filmmakers, in no rush to make announcement”
On Zemeckis - The Women of Marwen is expected to wrap filming next month, releases November 2018

Kyanna Simone Simpson to have a recurring role on Black Lightning - (Deadline)

Will play Keisha, best friend of Jennifer and daughter of Inspector Henderson

Arthur Darvill talks Rip Hunter’s role in Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow - Entertainment Weekly

Darvill - “There’s a thing that he discovers, which is very important to him and he feels like, at times, he can sort out on his own, and then also realizes he needs to call on the Legends in order to help him. The Time Bureau, as much as they’re brilliant, they do things in too much of an official way in order for, in his opinion, things to actually get done. So his interaction with the Legends, at the moment, is very much as a means to an end for him in terms of what he’s trying to achieve.”

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