On today's podcast, we talk new Justice League images, Season 2 of Preacher, Injustice 2, and the Aquaman film.

New Justice League images released as part of theater promotion and concessions- Golden Link Europe

Drinks, popcorn tubs and more
Superman in the background, is he being protected?

AMC releases Preacher Season 2 'Crazy Action, New Orleans, & More' Behind the Scenes featurette - YouTube

Looks like Season 2 will be available on Amazon Prime the day after each episode

Injustice 2: Introducing Red Hood - YouTube

“Available in June”, part of “Fighter Pack 1”

Twitter question from @condor_zelander - “Do you think we will see how Aquaman and Mera first met  since that photo on the set of Aquaman was released?”

Was a set leak

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