A new Justice League trailer is on the way this weekend, so we discuss what we would like to see from it. We also talk Season 3 of Supergirl and Young Justice, plus a little bit of Doomsday Clock talk.

Justice League

New trailer coming Sunday - Twitter ; What would we like to see? Superman?
New character posters Here
Justice League to team with AT&T store in Times Square - Business Wire; Batmobile, life-size Justice League member statues, video footage, meet and greet with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee
Side note - merger expected to go through by end of year (Deadline)

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg previews Season 3 of Supergirl with Entertainment Weekly

The theme of humanity will be explored by not just Kara, but also J’onn, Reign and maybe others
Can say absolutely nothing about Mon-El
Morgan Edge will be different from Maxwell Lord; Edge is pure evil and has a lot of scenes with Lena
J’onn will explore his Martian heritage with his father
Will return to some of the Season 1 Kara, Winn, James crime-stopping team-ups

Young Justice Season 3 will be 26 episodes - Producer Brandon Vietti on Twitter

Also unsure if the DC streaming service will release them all at once or on some sort of schedule

On the road to Doomsday Clock with Geoff Johns Part 2 - YouTube

DC Comics will stream the Doomsday Clock panel live from NYCC
Friday at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET at Facebook.com/DCComics

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