The New Gods and the Fourth World are among the greatest creations from the mind of Jack Kirby. On today's podcast, we give a quick history and overview of the characters and mythology for people who are new to the New Gods.

Began in 1970 after Jack Kirby returned to DC Comics
Concepts/Characters/Creations from Kirby’s Fourth World have appeared all over DC Comics
Have also been inspiration for other film series
Darkseid, Anti-Life Equation, Apokolips, Mister Miracle Intergang, Bruno Mannheim, Morgan Edge, Project Cadmus
Background - death of Old Gods, New Genesis vs. Apokolips

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen - Earth-level stuff, Intergang, Cadmus, Apokoliptian tech
The Forever People - young New Gods who oppose Darkseid and act like flower children, Mark Moonrider, Vykin (first Black DC superhero), Beautiful dreamer, Big Bear, Serifan; combine to become Infinity-Man
Mister Miracle - Adventures of escape artist Scott Free, Big Barda, and Oberon
New Gods

New Gods key characters

What are New Gods? Race of immortal super beings
New Genesis/ Apokolips exist outside of the multiverse
War and “The Pact”
Darkseid and Highfather
Orion - Son of Darkseid, raised by Highfather, warrior who uses Astro-Force/Astro-Harness
Scott Free (Mister Miracle) and Big Barda - Escape
Metron - mobius chair, seeks knowledge
Lightray - Orion’s friend
Granny Goodness and the Female Furies of Apokolips
Kalibak, Desaad
Forever People


The Source
Anti-life Equation
Boom Tubes
Mobius Chair
Super-Cycle - Forever People travel in it


Good vs. evil
Slavery/will power

Important Storylines

Kirby’s original Fourth World run
Super Powers toys comic tie-in
Cosmic Odyssey
1990s - Jack Kirby’s Fourth World by John Byrne
2000 - Walt Simonson’s Orion
Death of the New Gods/Final Crisis
Darkseid stories - The Great Darkness Saga, Legends, New 52 Justice League: Origin and Darkseid War
Current Mister Miracle series

In Other Media

Justice League touches on Fourth World mythology, Parademons, motherboxes, Steppenwolf
Smallville Season 10 - features some Cadmus, New Gods stuff, Darkseid as the villian
Supergirl uses Project Cadmus, Morgan Edge, and more
Young Justice “Disordered” - guest starring the Forever People
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse - goes to Apokolips, fight Darkseid, Granny Goodness and the female furies
Featured heavily in late season of Super Friends
Superman: The Animated Series “Apokolips Now” 2 part episode 
Upcoming New Gods film to be directed by Ava DuVernay

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